Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Typical Medical Questions for Admission to Hospital

Many of my students, and doula moms are curious as to what they ask upon check in at the hospital. Well, here is a great list of what to expect as far as questions go.
One things I recommend, answer all these questions on a piece of paper and take it with you to the hospital. This was the nurse can check what she needs without asking you while you are trying to focus during a surge/wave (contraction)

  • Height & Weight (before pregnancy and currently)
  • Medication history: type of medication, dosage and frequency
  • Social history: use of tobacco, recreational drugs, or alcohol
  • Family medical history (Mother, Father, or siblings) for cancer, blood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, pulmonary, stroke, TB, Other
  • Infertility/Gynecological problems: preterm labor, premature rupture of membranes, infertility, IVF, vaginal bleeding, poly/oligohydramnios, fetal anomalies, precipitous delivery, DES exposure, VBAC, Genito-urinary infection, febrile episode in pregnancy, previous child with SIDS, IUGR, previous child with birthweight less than 2500g, greater than 4000g, postpartum hemorrhage, fetal arrhythmias, iso-immunization, shoulder dystocia
  • Surgeries: breast, cryo-surgery, LEEP, cesarean section, cerclage, any other major surgery
  • Heart or blood pressure problems: hypertension, pre-eclampsia, MVP, HELP syndrome, rheumatic fever, murmur
  • Circulation problems: phlebitis, varicose veins, DVT
  • Respiratory problems: asthma, recent cold/flu, pneumonia, lung disease
  • History of stroke, neurological, joint, bone or muscle problems: Stroke, headache/migraine, seizure/epilepsy, developmental delay
  • Endocrine problems: Diabetes of any kind (type 1 or 2), gestational diabetes (diet controlled or medication and diet controlled), thyroid dysfunction
  • ENT problems: Meniere's, sinus infection, nosebleeds
  • Communicable diseases/Immune Issues: GBS, previous GBS infected baby, hepatitis B, genital herpes, GC, TB, chlamydia, syphilis, any partner with std, autoimmune, HPV
  • History of Stomach, Digestive, or Urinary Problems: Liver Disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, abdominal pain, recent change in bowel pattern, hyper-emesis, nausea, recent UTI, kidney disease/stones, pyelonephritis
  • History of skin issues/body piercings: rash, chicken pox/shingles, eczema/psoriasis, piercing
  • Personal or family history for patient or husband of the following congenital/genetic issues: Congenital hearing defect. Italian, Greek, Mediterranean or Asian background, neural tube defects, down syndrome, Jewish (Tay-Sachs), cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, muscular dystrophy,Huntington chorea, mental retardation (if yes, was pt. tested for fragile x), other inherited genetic or chromosomal disorders, patient had previous child with birth defect not listed above, 3 first trimester miscarriages, or still birth, patient’s husband had child with birth defect not listed above
  • Maiden name, occupation, highest level of education, date & time of last meal
  • Do you accept blood products?
  • Have you ever had a blood transfusion?
  • Complications with pregnancy
  • Pre-pregnancy weight, weight gain in pregnancy, baby feeding plan, childbirth education (yes/no and type), Pediatrician
  • Plans for Sterilization?
  • Advance Directives? and information
  • Sensory Deficits (glasses/contacts yes or no)
  • Bedrest in past month?
  • Sleep aids?
  • History of abuse, safety in home currently, history of depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, family history of depression, postpartum depression, anxiety
  • Recent changes or losses to family
Religions, spiritual practices while in hospital

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