Monday, May 2, 2011

The other side of what a doula does.

Well our last post, how a doula prepares for birth, which I borrowed from because it was written so perfectly. That last post brought up a few questions, so consider this the continuation of that post. I will answer the questions that came up as best I can.

Questions 1: What does a doula pack in her birth bag?

I will try to answer this from my perspective, as well as what I know my partner packs in her bag as well. (Since we pretty much bring the same stuff)

I pack lots of physical stuff in my birth bag. It changes a little depending on type of birth we are looking at (home, hospital, birth center, induction, etc) I pack oils, lotion, gum, suckers, mints, limp balm, emergen-c (electrolyte drink, no sugar) treats, nuts (or some protein item) 2 rebozos, hypno-cues booklet, CDs of music and Hypnosis CDs I teach Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth. I always bring them with me incase a couple has misplaced theirs. I have also found that Hypnobabies couple or not, a mother is in a state of hypnosis while birthing and I have used positive hypno suggestions to assist her in relaxing, opening, and in some cases stopping her excess bleeding.

I also bring homeopathics, herbs, teas, a camera, a note pad, a copy of the families birth plan, treats for the care providers. (They just love it when you bring them goodies) Wow this list is getting long already. I hope that give you a good idea.

Question 2: Do you pray for all of your mothers?

Yes, we pray for each and every mother. I pray for Marie’s mothers, and she prayers for mine. Birth is a spiritual experience, regardless of religion. Each birth brings in such a wonderful amount of love and energy. Each birth is the welcoming event to this new child’s life, what better way to get things going than with a pray to set the intent and positive energy. Our prayers consist of safety and peace for the family, for ease of the birth process, and for wisdom; wisdom for us as the doula, wisdom for their birth staff (midwife, doctor, nurses, etc) and wisdom for mom to read her own body cues. Our prayers are also prayers for guidance, helping us and inspiring us to know how to help each individual mother and family. No two births are the same, and no two women are in need of the same things.

Also, our prayers begin from the moment we are contracted with that mother. We prayer for aligning of schedules so that I know I can attend that mothers birth. And I have been blessed enough to have never missed a birth. (neither has my partner) This may seem like a small thing, but I truly believe that I am inspired to serve that family, and I set the intent to be healthy and available whenever that baby chooses to arrive.

Question 3: How often do you visualize or do energetic work for your doula clients?

At least once a week! Once a week we set aside time to visualize how we can be a perfect assistant to the birthing couple. I visuals each couple individually, not as a group. I visualize their birth preferences and how it relates to me. I make sure I am visualizing a positive care staff, not just for mom but for me as I work with them. I also make sure I spend time each week sending positive energy for them, helping mom to stay healthy and well rested, sending good vibes that they are doing their homeplay (if they are a hypnobabies couple) This is another reason why a doula is so much more than just the birth. We are truly invested in you, and wanting the best for you.

Question 4: How else do you help prepare you mothers besides the prenatal visits?

We encourage our couples to take a childbirth preparation class, (of course we really like Hypnobabies.) We also send them articles, birth stories, birth videos, website links, anything that helps to make them more informed on their birth.

Questions 5: Are you available to be MY doula?

Ok, ok, I know that this was probably not a real question, as the mother isn’t even pregnant, but I do want to address this. ASK! If you are interested in a specific doula, call her, talk to her, and most importantly don’t let money be the reason you don’t have a doula.

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