Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are You Hiring a Lactation Consultant?

"When I get annoyed or feel under pressure, I cave in just to get people to leave me alone. That's why we are looking for a doula and a lactation consultant: people to help us with labor, delivery and breastfeeding." Expectant mom

breastfeeding baby

Excellent point and a deep understanding of who she is under pressure. Let's face it, having a baby is living life under pressure even in the best of circumstances. What are you going to do when the pressure comes in its various forms? Do you know the breastfeeding stumbling blocks?

  • Let me take the baby to the nursery so you can sleep
  • Let's give the baby some formula so you can rest
  • You're not making enough milk for your big baby- he needs a bottle
  • Your baby is feeding too frequently; you're not making enough milk
  • Your baby needs more calories than breastmilk (I'll talk about this in my next post)
  • Colostrum is not enough for your baby- he's hungry
  • You're being selfish: I want to feed the baby, too
  • You can't possibly feed your baby every 1.5-2 hours- you'll be exhausted
  • Let the baby cry; you're feeding her too often
  • You're spoiling her by feeding her every time she makes a sound
  • Your baby is too old to breastfeed
  • Your baby needs more milk now that he is older

What other myths and bad information did you hear when trying to persevere with breastfeeding?

Could it be that the people saying these things are totally clueless about how breastfeeding works?

Become the breastfeeding advocate in your area. Speak the truth. Find pregnant women for whom you can dispel these myths. Empower women to nurture their babies with human milk. The truth you speak and the truth they embrace will bring freedom to both of you.

Thank you Debbie Page

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