Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Hypnobabies Birth

On Tuesday morning at 9:00am, Jon called me to tell me that Jane was having regular birthing waves, and that she had lost her mucus plug. He said she had been having strong birthing waves for about 2 hours. When I asked him how far apart the birthing waves were, he told me they were about 1-3 minutes apart. I told her that I could meet him at the hospital, and he put Jane on the phone. She was very relaxed, and I could tell she was in a deep state of hypnosis. She told me she wasn’t sure that this was really labor, and told me she would rather me meet them at their house. I arrive at their house at 10:00 with a strong knowing that we needed to go to the hospital right away. I told Jon that we needed to leave, and he began getting the final things ready and out to the car. I met Jane in the bathroom, where she had just gotten out of the bathtub. She was still very calm, but I could tell she was in transformation (transition) by the way she looked, acted, and the way she was standing. Her birthing waves were very regular about 1-3 minutes apart. She used me to lean on during her pressure waves, and made primal noises to help release the energy she was feeling. She responded powerfully to her deepening cues every time I used them. When she had a birthing wave, I would tell her “release” or “peace” and all the tension would leave her body. She would completely relax. Then her pressure wave would peak, and I would remind her to “relax” or “peace.” It was so wonderful to see these hypnosis techniques working so wonderfully well. At one point Jane looked at me, completely calm, and told me “He is on his way, I know it.” She was not panicked or fearful, she just knew and was in-tune with her body.

We began making our way to the car when Jane told me she just wanted to lie down. I told her we really needed to get to the hospital, and I helped her the rest the way out to the car. We arrive at the hospital at about 10:50. Jon went to get a wheel chair, and I helped Jane out of the car. Then a staff member came out to the valet parking lot and asked if we needed a nurse, I told her yes as Jane told me she knew his head was between her legs. The staff member went to get the nurses, and we got Jane’s pants off, and sure enough, baby was crowning. I had brought my birth stool with me, and it came in very handy. We got Jane on the birth stool, and she went into a deeper state of hypnosis. The nurses were all telling her to “push, push push,” but Jane said, “NO, I need one second.” After taking a few deep breathes, she said she was ready, and with Jon supporting her from behind, she began to push. She was completely silent as she pushed 2 times, and her baby was out. He was completely healthy, and alert. Dad went to hold the baby, and I assisted Jane as she pushed the placenta out with one good push. Her baby was born at 11:00 am, on a beautiful sunny morning. We got Jane inside and checked out, and she was perfect. Both her and the baby were in perfect health, and happy and alert. Within 20 minutes we had breastfeeding established, and he nursed like a pro.

It was such a fast and amazing birth, and she was a strong, confident mother. With the support of an amazing spouse, and her hypnobabies techniques, she had a very quick birth.

I am so lucky to have been apart of this wonderful experience, and see these two loving people work so well together. I learned so much from this birth. Jane was so confident and calm during her birthing time, and her an Jon were so peaceful.

**names have been changed**

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